S67, Sensors



Accurate and precise laser distance sensor with submillimetric resolution


Response time of less than 0,9 ms on short range models.

Resolution of 10 um @ 50 mm distance on white 90% remission.

Robust light interference suppression

Sturdy metal die-cast zinc IP67 housing, Glass optical windows


The S67-Y sensor is a Class 2 laser distance sensor family based on geometric triangulation technology with a minimum resolution of 10um for a very accurate measurement in close-up ranges.

This sensor family is particularly suited for applications where detection speed, accurate measurement and recognition of a wide range of material types are the most important requirements.

The S67-Y series features 4 different models with a choice of two different operating distances: long range or short range.  Users will also need to choose between current or voltage analog output configurations.  Part numbers and options are shown below.

The S67-Y sensor can be visually positioned very easily and accurately because of its very brightly shaped 2 mm laser spot. Additionally, the fast integrated micro-controller signal and the high sensitive photodiode array enables the sensor to work accurately regardless of the surface type and/or color.

The easy user interface and the standard M12-5 pins rotatable metal connector allow for a quick and precise device to be set up in any industrial application.

Models & Accessories

    S67-MH-5-Y03-I uM LSR 50-300MM IOUT M12
    S67-MH-5-Y03-V uM LSR 50-300MM VOUT M12
    S67-MH-5-Y13-I uM LSR 100-600MM IOUT M12
    S67-MH-5-Y13-V uM LSR 100-600MM VOUT M12

Videos and Images

Downloads for S67

S67 Instruction manuals
25/10/2017 - S67Y_distancesensors_manual_DEU
Rev A (.pdf, 0,34 Mb)
25/10/2017 - S67Y_distancesensors_manual_ENG
Rev A (.pdf, 0,44 Mb)
25/10/2017 - S67Y_distancesensors_manual_FRA
Rev A (.pdf, 0,35 Mb)
25/10/2017 - S67Y_distancesensors_manual_ITA
Rev A (.pdf, 0,41 Mb)
S67 Datasheet
09/10/2017 - DS-S67-ENA4
(.pdf, 0,77 Mb)
09/10/2017 - DS-S67-ZH
(.pdf, 0,9 Mb)
S67 Drawings
26/10/2017 - S67Y_distancesensors_PDF
(.pdf, 0,02 Mb)
26/10/2017 - S67Y_distancesensors_IGES
(.igs, 1,82 Mb)
26/10/2017 - S67Y_distancesensors_STEP
(.stp, 0,44 Mb)
ST-S67Y Drawings
26/10/2017 - ST-S67Y_sensoraccessory_PDF
(.pdf, 0,14 Mb)
26/10/2017 - ST-S67Y_sensoraccessory_IGES
(.igs, 0,42 Mb)
26/10/2017 - ST-S67Y_sensoraccessory_STEP
(.stp, 0,1 Mb)

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