BioInsights Report - Gene Editing: The Next Revolution in Precision Medicine

12/12/2022 | 01:58:47 PM

Senior research analyst and lead author Ted Tenthoff highlights the Piper Sandler biotech research team’s recently published BioInsights Gene Editing Deep Dive, titled: “Gene Editing: The Next Revolution in Precision Medicine.”

Gene editing holds transformational potential as a therapeutic modality that could cure a wide range of diseases. Our 140-page report reviews the field's rapid evolution and key trends, such as an industry shift towards in vivo gene editing therapies. We review recent proof-of-concept data and ongoing clinical trials, and highlight novel technologies – including engineered Cas9 variants, novel nucleases, base editing, prime editing, and gene writing – which could expand the applicability of gene editing.

More than 140 companies are mentioned within, including detailed profiles for 14 key public and private players in the gene editing space, including CRISPR Therapeutics, Intellia Therapeutics, Moderna, and Vertex Pharmaceuticals.

To access this report or learn more about the BioInsights report series, please reach out to your Piper Sandler contact or visit

November 2022 BioInsights report authored by Ted Tenthoff, Yasmeen Rahimi, PhD, Do Kim, and Swapnil Malekar, PhD, MBA.


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Edward Tenthoff

Sr Research Analyst